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It’s 2014 and it’s the era of video marketing!
DBS will work with you to create YouTube channels, commercials,
videos to host on your website, events, documentaries and training videos.
You name it, we do it!

BUdgetWorried about the cost? Don’t be. DBS has catered to all different types of businesses from big to small. We are budget orientated to giving your company what they need to enter the world of video marketing.. We guarantee that you won’t find a better place that will shoot high quality video, professionally shot and edited for your companies every need.

We work with a very talented film crew that has shot over 300 videos, 2 feature films and over 10 commercials. They've worked in places all around the world such as Hawaii, New York, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and all over Michigan. Give us a call, we can’t wait to work with you!